About the project

Project leader: Meghyn Bienvenu
Type of project: ANR Chair in Artificial Intelligence
Funded by: ANR & University of Bordeaux
Host institution: CNRS
Host lab: LaBRI
Duration: 4 years
Start date: September 1st, 2020

Short intro

The huge wealth of data available nowadays holds tremendous potential to improve our lives, whether it be by advancing scientific knowledge, improving patient care, or supporting more informed policymaking. However, obtaining relevant and reliable information from real-world data is difficult due both to the need to integrate data from heterogeneous sources and the ubiquity of data quality issues (e.g. missing or incorrect facts). Our aim is to develop intelligent, knowledge-based methods for handling imperfect data, thereby enabling confident and informed decision making.

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INTENDED gathers an interdisciplinary team of experts in all related fields (AI, databases, and medecine) with significant experience in ontology-based data access, inconsistency-tolerant query answering, and data and knowledge integration for public health.

Meghyn Bienvenu

CNRS researcher in Bordeaux

Camille Bourgaux

CNRS researcher in Paris

Gayo Diallo

Associate professor at University of Bordeaux

Diego Figueira

CNRS researcher in Bordeaux

Vianney Jouhet

Hospital doctor at CHU Bordeaux

Fleur Mougin

Associate professor at University of Bordeaux

Participating Research Labs


Bordeaux Computer Science Laboratory


Bordeaux Population Health


Computer Science Department at
ENS Paris

Participating Institutions


French National Center for Scientific Research

University of Bordeaux

CHU Bordeaux

University hospital


Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris

Bordeaux INP

Computer engineering school